• To turn out of its portals legally competent human resource excelling both in academics and values.
  • To produce students who would become true legal professionals and who would contribute to the profession, community and the nation as world citizen.
  • To make the students leaders in their chosen profession with a sense of commitment, social responsibility, and highest moral fiber.


  • To provide the youth with the best opportunities and environment for higher education and enable them to attain very high levels of academic excellence.
  • To enable students to develop as intellectually alive, morally upright, socially responsible citizens with a positive attitude, ever ready for continuous personal and professional growth.
  • To inculcate a sense of true professionalism among the students and make them self-reliant.
  • To help within the institutional limits the students coming from different background to realize their own potential and to enable them to compete with the best in the society.
  • To foster a close working relationship between the academia, judiciary, legal professionals and the government for the betterment of the society.


  • Helping the youth to enrich their knowledge. Fostering in them a love for learning, right attitudes and imbibing essential and up to date knowledge about legal rights and obligations.
  • Creating awareness in the youth of the socio-economic and the legal needs of the country by tapping the hidden treasures in their personalities.
  • Devoting itself to the cause of education in all fields with considerable interest and commitment to the country.
  • Better appreciation of the functioning of law in the society.