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Kingston law College is one such College in West Bengal who believes in practical demonstration of study that students acquired in theory. Hence we send our students to different areas in terms of WORK SHOPS in order to acclimatize them with the real life scenario of a normal law life in human lives. Due to such endeavor whenever our students completed their course, they are ready for the next level and can bring it into their professional life.

tea factory visit for BBA.LL.B students
Visit to Tea Estate

As a process of practical demonstration of work, Kingston Law College took their students for a visit to  North Bengal Tea Estate.

supreme court visit
Visit to Supreme Court

It is a privilege tour that Kingston Law College does for their students every year, by taking their students to a visit of Supreme Court so that they can feel and see their future goal and can live by it.

Haldia Court Visit
Visit to High Court

KIngston Law College wants their every student to complete their education and practice in the highest court of our state. These occasional visits to these places make them feel aware and responsible for their future life.

Students providing legal aid to the villegers
Visiting Rural Areas

Along with formal education Kingston Law College always try their best to keep the students connected to roots and make them responsible about giving back to the society later when they become successful.

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Free Legal Aid Clinic and Consultation

The principle of rule of law and the philosophy of the Indian constitution in what is described as its basic structure mandates that every citizen should have reasonable access to justice. Yet this constitutional guarantee is a luxury for many facing problems of poverty, economic deprivation and want of education.

Kingston Law College is determined to play an important role in mitigating the prevailing injustices, official apathy and raising the competence bar of the budding professionals and also upgrading the general level of legal awareness of the community through its Legal Aid Clinic.

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