Academic Chairman


Dear Students,

It gives me immense pride and satisfaction for having being associated with the Kingston Polytechnic college in the initial days, since its birth in 2004 and now being associated with all the colleges and the school of the Kingston Educational Institute.

Our motto is to provide entire gamut of education right from Kinder Garten to the college education in the same campus to allow the students exposure to and choose from a spectrum of branches of higher education. Our vision is to produce outstanding Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Managers and Lawyers capable of meeting the new challenges posed in the context of globalization of society and the trade and commerce. The institute boasts of modern and quality infrastructure conducive to an ideal teaching learning atmosphere for the aspiring students. Our institute endeavours to produce tomorrow’s leader by inculcating a holistic outlook of life with ethical attitude who can contribute to the betterment and sustenance of our society. Our institute takes pride in having a balanced program of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for all round development of our students. This has enabled the alumni of our institute to be well placed in industries, service sector and society at large. Further our institute can take pride in the MOUs signed with a few Indian core industries & service sectors to develop long-term industry-academic relationship for collaborative teaching and learning process. Our institute also have memorandum of understanding with a few international institute for students to pursue higher studies.

In the end I wish all the aspiring students of Kingston Educational Institute well and assure them a cherished & memorable stay in the Institute.

Prof. (Dr. ) Ambarnath Banerji